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The UESSETI 2000 S.r.l. was founded in 1986. In recent years, thanks to the support
of all the staff, the company grew rapidly becoming a national reference point for
manual and automatic washing systems and systems for non-destructive testing with
penetrating liquids, developing the distribution of production in Europe and also in the
world. Today the UESSETI 2000 S.r.l has its own Service with specialized technicians
and equipment operators, boasting a dense network of high level international
collaborations. The company's strong point is the ability to offer targeted solutions to
specific customer problems in an extremely short time, always putting the complete
satisfaction of customers as the main objective. The extremely flexible structure, the
continuous training of its collaborators and the constant orientation to the needs of the
customers have allowed in these years to offer the best guarantees in terms of
reliability and quality. Thanking all the Clients who in these years have granted us their
coveted preference, we commit ourselves to continue our work for an ever more
effective collaboration.

What can you clean with ultrasound?
With the ultrasonic washing machines UESSETI 2000 it is possible to degrease any
product. At very high frequencies, in fact, the cavitation energy is very low and allows
to remove particles of a few microns without damaging the surface. Aqueous solutions
with various detergents are used. type. Among our products you can choose the most
suitable detergent for your needs.

Non-Destructive Control Division
Cabins and plants for penetrating liquids.
Consumer products.

What do you need to wash?

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